Here is my initial thinking for structuring the Axes and Anvils project. THIS IS A DRAFT. I am confident it will undergo changes in order and content as the work continues.

I am still thinking through what size book will work best; it will likely be smaller than 8.5 x 11.

Part One will be in its own slim book. This will cater to those who want a pick-up-and-play game, and those who will not look at a book beyond a certain trim page count. Everything you need to apply the system and run games in your own setting or out of your imagination is in Part One.

Then there will be a book with Part One, Two, and Three in it.

The web site will have each tool in the toolbox (Part Three), free online.  The number of tools can be expanded over time. People will still get the bigger book, to have it collected and available, and to get Part Two. Some people want more than the basics, and the collection of all three parts will have some really great stuff in it. I will likely have a blog post for each tool with some explanation and the tool as a .pdf in the post, and link an index to the blog posts. As tools get updated, they’ll get a new blog post, and the destination of the link on the index page will change.

Then I’ve started a list of other, related products beyond the Pt. 1 book and the omnibus.


  1. Rules.
  2. Clan Generation.
  3. Character Generation.
  4. Character Advancement.
  5. Clan Advancement.
  6. Challenges and Foes.


  1. Epochal History.
  2. Dwarven History.
  3. Dwarven Religion.
  4. Allies and Antagonists.
  5. Gods and Monsters.
  6. Flavors and Themes.


  1. Name Generators.
  2. Mission Generator.
  3. Dwarven Road Generator.
  4. Playing Without a GM.
  5. Treasures.
  6. Monster Maker.
  7. Warbands.
  8. Playing Other Races.
  9. Enchanting Objects.
  10. Weather, Terrain, Natural Hazards.
  11. Henchmen.
  12. Politics and Heresies.


  1. Legend Generator [Card Deck].
  2. Short Story Anthology.