For Sale. If you buy a book or printed card deck, the .pdf is free.

Quickstart. Print, free .pdf. Resources you need to make characters and try the game out, including cards for generating characters. “The Road Home”, a modular and customizable starting adventure. Quickstart

Rulebook. Print, .pdf. Resources you need to play or run Axes and Anvils. Build a clan, build characters, and upgrades for both. Includes cards for generating clans and characters, for you to cut out or print. Ideal for one-shots or campaigns.

Under the Mountain. (GM Book) Print, .pdf. The rulebook is the first half, including the same page numbers for easy coordination with the players. The second half is a collection tools and essays to expand your game. Involve player creativity and decisions to design settlements ruled by the clanhome, neighboring factions, the clan ruler, mountain roads, and more. Descriptions of traditional dwarven practices including naming conventions, sports, relationships, enchanted weapons (as well as more sets of runes). Base plots around character skills, use the mission generator, randomize ideas for what characters were up to while their players weren’t around, use loot generators (for cash, valuables, and magic), add rules for playing elves and humans, and more.

Character Pack. .pdf. Includes three formats of character sheet: standard, pocket mod version (folds to a booklet 1/8 the size), and modular version (spaces on the sheet to attach combat role, skills, and portrait cards–barely any writing required!) Also includes a sheet of character portraits and a character creation quick reference, 8.5 x 11. Will be updated to include sheets for playing elves and humans.

  • AnA Other Races. Want to play elves or humans? Here  you go! (Excerpted from Into the Mountain.)

Starter Deck. Print, .pdf. Includes cards for combat roles, craft skills, service skills, and guiding sayings for character generation. Also includes overclan cards and clan trait cards for generating a clan. Ideal for running one-shot games or starting off a campaign with impressive and interactive props.

Lore Deck. Print, .pdf. Use these cards to create stories for your clan’s background! Then decide if the story is history (actually happened), legend (based on events), or myth (an instructional story.) Each card has archetypes, concluding moral to the story, locations, plot twists, and names. The deck is also useful as an improv aid planning games or running sessions.

Clan Book. Print, .pdf.Forms to help track the clan’s history, stories, tributaries, neighbors, maps, artifacts, threats, adventures, members, and more! The print copy is a ready-to-use book to fill in as you play. The .pdf allows you to print off the pages you need and order them however you like in a binder or folder so you have just what you need.

Paper Miniatures (by David Okum). pdf

Additional Material

Enchanter Rune Upgrades

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