I am on track for releasing the next playtesting draft to backers by November 30.

It will have about 150 pages at 8.5 x 5 digest book size. At this point there is no art or index. However, there is a LOT of brand new stuff, along with retooled material from the last playtest.

This book is still small enough to fit in a pocket. I plan to keep it that way (for Book I) because I want players to find it easy to introduce new people and get new games started.

I am in a fairly comfortable spot at the moment. I feel I could release the document as it is and it would be great for a playtesting draft, but I’ve left myself some time to look it over, think about it, and make any other adjustments (instead of flopping over the finish line, spent.) I know there will be more changes, and they will be significant; my group is slated to playtest the game through the month of December, and great improvements always emerge based on game experience with a new system.