Whew! The playtesting document is out to backers. That is a HUGE step, in my mind. Book I is the core the project is built around, so the more solid and smooth it is the easier it will be to do the rest of the game.

December is dedicated to playtesting, for me. I have three groups lined up, and I hope to get maybe ten sessions. That will help me see the game more clearly through experience rather than theory.

After December my priority will be to first tighten up Book I with what I’ve learned, and then to work with backers on fleshing out the world of Aventyr. Now that a basic history of the area is released, I plan to work with backers who control factions and clans to rough out a revision of the geography. With the geography and history in the background, we can get more specific about some things.

To me, Book I should be self-sufficient. All you need to run your dwarf game, right there. But Book II will help people who want a setting built around the assumptions reflected in Book I. Also, tools to help generate adventures quickly and tinker with some sub-systems and optional stuff that makes some gamers (like me) happy.

I do not plan to share lots of timeline information as far as when various things will be done. Instead, my plan is to work on the project and notify backers and followers when various parts are available for their use.

I hope to see some actual play reports posted, I will link to them from this site! The game is meant to be played, and I expect it can provide lots of fun.