In Axes and Anvils, all of the non-player character range attacks hit, 100%. That just doesn’t feel right. But the GM does not roll, except for the behavior chart, to get a sense of how the morale and preferences of the NPCs will play out. I don’t want anything complicated, and I don’t want to add a to-hit roll. But.. what if there is another way?

I want to playtest this. Roll the d12 behavioral die first, and interpret for ranged attacks.

  • 1: All ranged attacks miss.
  • 2-6: Every other range attack hits (start with a hit.)
  • 7-11: All range attacks hit.
  • 12: All hit, and one range attack does +1/2 damage (round up.)

To model especially good shots, or bad shots, make it a trait of the warrior type. For example, note that elves do not miss. Note that goblins never score criticals. Use whatever tweak you want on the monster, and let the basic system stand.

I think the idea is worth a closer look.