I ran Stonesky Delve, adapted for Axes and Anvils.

  • Devron Leveler: berserker, chosen, mason.
  • Korvask Wryt: vanguard, enchanter, scholar.
  • Revelle Lateminder: mauler, delver, gemsmith.

They were hired by Gantar, a priest of the Gods of Ur who is under the shield of Clan Thunderforge. A new secret vent was found into Stonesky Mountain, famous for the site of first contact with the Gods of Ur, riddled with pilgrimage sites. If there truly is a new undiscovered area in the mountain, better to check it out before sending in the faithful. Devron was a chosen, Revelle a delver, and Korvask a scholar and enchanter; their expertise should reveal what’s up with this new potential site.

Loaded with gear for climbing and mapping, as well as cave moth pupae that would tell them the time, they headed into the timed adventure. They climbed down the bat vent, passing through several chambers to get to a tall vertical shaft where Devron sensed holy energy far above. They decided to return to check that out, and kept going. They saw a trickle of water down the rock, but this high up on the mountain slope, where could it be coming from? They continued exploring downwards, and ran into a nest of cave morays that tore Devron up.

Going a different way, they climbed up to the source of the water and found a cracked decanter of endless water, made at the beginning of the enchanter tradition among dwarves and still using some Shaper magic. They took that, and some ancient trinkets that were with it, and retreated. Revelle went down the moray shaft and killed the eels with Korvask’s help, and they continued to a ledge by a pool. Something was in it, but didn’t show itself.

Continuing down, they found a muddy area where the mud contained the traces of magic from the decanter and formed humanoid shapes that tried to kill them. After a fight that ended when the shapes lost coherence, they clambered through the sticky mud, around the sinkhole, and climbed up through a narrow vent. They found a pond with blind catfish, and rested.

Returning to the mud room and knocking the mudmen down again, they descended the next shaft. At the bottom, a strange crab/oyster/fungus monster attacked them and they killed it, but it released many spores. Escaping that, they found the massive bat-cave, and at the back of the cave a lake. Thinking they’d clean up one by one, they sent Revelle up first; a pair of giant archer fishes narrowly missed her as they shot globs of water, and everyone retreated.

They climbed through a passage so narrow they had to remove armor, and rubbed against red slime that acted like poison ivy. On the other side, they followed a corridor but realized the stone had stress fractures, a dam ready to burst. They carefully pulled back, and rested again. Then they continued on a long climb through a narrow passage, coming out where there was a sign on one side that was ancient, warning not to ever go that way because of the danger.

They went the other way, and found a cave untouched for at least a thousand years, where young hopefuls had candlelight vigils. Devron took a special enchanted candle, and they found a magically protected corridor leading back towards some civilized dwarven territory. They solved the riddle that protected it, followed the corridor to the end, and found it had been sealed by the dwarves long centuries ago.

After resting and healing, they headed for the exit. They did not want to investigate the “danger” site, though their imaginations ran wild as to what could be down that way that frightened the ancients so badly. Eventually they climbed up to where Devron sensed the holy energy, and he and Revelle risked the climb while Korvask guarded the cracked decanter.

After the brutal climb, the two dwarves found a chamber where a crystal stood; when the Gods of Ur first came to the holy mountain they spoke, and this massive crystal captured a single syllable of that utterance and reshaped the stone around itself. Devron had a massive religious experience (as a chosen) and as silver streaked his hair he gained permanent Resolve.

Already the bats were starting to escape through the vent, and they risked it being impassible and them missing their deadline. So they climbed down, forced their way out through the thickening swarm of bats, and reported on their findings. They got 5 Ledger for their great service.