This legend was generated for the Templar of the Falls by players using the lore-building deck.  (5.8.15)

Once upon a time, Galdra was a dwarven lass. She learned that the Stonecutter family, nobles in a clan near the Templar of the Falls, were plotting to overthrow the archon. They were lying, accusing the Templar of the Falls of raiding across the border, and they were provoking the Templar of the Falls into a border skirmish. They planned to use that conflict as an excuse to make a bid for the throne!

She ran toward the Templar of the Falls with her terrible secret, and hunters of the Stonecutter family pursued her to silence her. Before they caught her, she fled into Welderia Marsh. There she met a powerful and wise hag named Griptwist, who sheltered her in the mists.

Galdra learned from Griptwist that the evil of the Stonecutter family was deeper than mere politics. They worshiped demons, that was why they were so powerful. Determined not to let them get away with it, Galdra disguised herself as a bandit, raiding their family holdings with great daring and cunning and the magical help of the hag witch.

She became famous as One-Eye the Bandit. As she raided the Stonecutter family holdings, she discovered it was almost time or them to pay a tribute of sacrifices to their demon patron. She focused her energy on finding the sacrifices the Stonecutter family collected to give the demon, and liberating them. When the time came, the Stonecutter family had no tribute to offer.

The demon burned off the flesh of their heads, leaving only a skull above the neck. So great was the demon’s rage that the holding was pulled down and haunted.

In the end, no one knows what became of Griptwist, or whether Galdra the One-Eyed Bandit followed in her footsteps and became a witch in turn. What is known is that the Stonecutter family seat is still a tumbled and haunted ruin to this very day. And that is how the sky fell upon the Stonecutter family.