The cast:

  • Slyn Keenblade. Skirmisher, Gunsmith, Delver. Name weapon: trench knife.
  • Blane Keenblade. Support, Adept, Mechanician. Name weapon: pistol.
  • Ravelle Keenblade. Mauler, athlete, armorer. Name weapon, kukri.

Further Developments

After the fellowship returned from the dam, the clan sent Master Enchanter Kaldrak to check the corrupted rune. It knocked him out for a couple weeks when he saw it, and it will take him, his apprentices, and enchanters from Onyx Arm years to fix it. A dwarf must be responsible for the corruption.

War Council

The archon called a war council. The clan allows a fortress called Chain Crag to stand empty, because it serves as a lightning rod; it collects local monsters and scum, and every few decades the dwarves attack the fortress and wipe them all out. The fortress has a magical foundation that allows it to slowly rebuild itself, so the gloves are off when the order comes to attack. Huge bodies are rolled off a cliff on the back side of the fort, and the empty fort can start attracting evil again.

After the council started setting up this iteration’s tactics and assignments, the Fellowship was called aside after the meeting. The scouts found caves below the fortress that were previously unknown. One of the scouts is missing, and it would be handy if the dwarves could find a way from the caves up into the fortress. Go scout it out. On a more sinister note, there was rotting stone there, like what was seen at the dam. There must be a connection in there somewhere.

The Fellowship borrowed a tablet that could absorb runes into itself, and they were sent on their way.

Into the Caves

They borrowed a boat, and floated into the caves (only revealed when the water level was low enough to boat in.) As they scouted, they were telepathically contacted by a roper, who revealed that beardless sky dwarves laired in the caves.

They cautiously entered one of the side caves to find many mirrors set up; they were taunted from inside the mirror by a beardless dwarf, who retreated somehow, and a pile of dwarves broke out of the mirrors and attacked. The Fellowship dispatched them, and confronted something that peered out of the darkness in a mirror with red eyes, but they broke the mirror and did not find out what it was.

In another chamber, they found a lever that released the captive tortured scout Anok. Another mirror in that chamber had sketchy poor imitations of a number of Templar of the Falls dwarves; disguises perhaps? They discovered the images had been torn from Anok’s head during torture he endured at the hands of two beardless sky dwarves.

They found a mirror warded with runes, and left it alone. They also found a box with a cup and a small golem, and another box with a book that had instructions for how to do earth magic for adepts. Finally they found a treasure room with human and dwarven currency; they took all the coins.

The whole area looked like its owners had moved through in a hurry, snatching up the most important things and leaving the rest. In the process they set fire to some documents that burned incompletely; the Fellowship found a picture of the original foundation rune of the dam, a map of the area with some sites marked, and a sketch of the archon. Clearly the malefactors here were involved in the sabotage, and had more trouble in mind.

Eventually they withdrew back to the main chamber, and found a long spiraling ramp up to a secret door into the fortress.

With both the secret door’s location and the missing scout in hand, the Fellowship decided to return and report what they found.