Long ago, Mad Marga was a master sculptor of Clan Bastion. Her gift and specialty was for sculpting nudes, which displeased the more prudish archon of the clan. He censored her work, so in protest Mad Marga seduced his wife and made an anatomically detailed and accurate four-times-life-size sculpture of her and displayed it in the public square of the clan home.

Predictably, she was banished. She fled to Whiskey Forge, where she was welcomed with fanfare. She inspired a whole movement with her nude statues of the clan leaders. Then a Chosen prophesied that she must go to Picnic Pass, on the surface of the mountain far above, higher than the snow line. If she did, then she would receive a great blessing.

After fifteen years, six months, and four days, Hellifino (the ‘h’ is silent) visited her. He was famed as a God of Ur, the Bad Hombre. He presented her with a rune-scribed hammer, to make sculptures. His only request in return was that she make a statue of him, nude. She spent 300 years practicing to get it just right.

Shortly before the final masterpiece statue was finished, Gorefang led a greenskin horde to attack the dwarves of Whiskey Forge by surprise, moving through Picnic Pass. Hellifino animated the hundreds of nude statues Mad Marga had carved through the centuries, and they crushed the green tide.

Meanwhile, a Chosen acolyte had a dream about Hellifino’s distress in the pass far above, and journeyed to check on Mad Marga. He found her burned out with divine energy, surrounded by a carpet of greenskin corpses, compulsively carving the last touches of Helifino’s nude statue.

The archon authorized a crypt be carved in Picnic Pass, renamed Fuggov Pass, after the massive battle that fended off the greenskins. The hammer was entombed with Mad Marga in the crypt, which was within the massive wall that sealed off the pass so no further sneak attacks would be possible. The orc-facing side was festooned with skulls fixed to the stone, a horrifying deterrent against future incursions, blessed with the power of the Gods of Ur.

Clan Caskbound was spared by the obedience of Mad Marga to the Gods of Ur. Follow their promptings, and the clan will prosper through your efforts.