Averline was the true heir to the monarchy over all of Stoneshadow. He traveled through many harrowing adventures to reach a secret library on a barge, home to Algar the Oracle (who kept the barge moving and out of the hands of those who would destroy secret knowledge.) Averline planned to use the library’s secret lore to prove his lineage and credentials to be High King.

Delbaria was also there, a dwarven woman who was determined to be a wizard even though her talents were meager and no one would train her. She masqueraded as Crushclaw of Cliffside, pretending to be a wizard so she could study in the library. She met Averline, and both disguised dwarves sensed the passion and ambition in the other; they fell in love and married within a week of meeting, inspired by all that was lost while in the presence of what the barge library had preserved.

Algar the Oracle had seen into the future, and knew that if Averline was allowed access to the barge library, then Averline would face death. However, this death would trigger the revolution, as those inspired by the rightful heir would overthrow the corrupt monarch ruling Stoneshadow. Therefore, Algar allowed Averline to catch up to the barge and study, and in the meantime, Algar betrayed him, informing the elves of Fenhollow of Averline’s identity and location.

The elves of Fenhollow traded this critical information to the High King, who granted them sovereignty over their damp little island as a reward. The High King’s agents cornered Averline and murdered him.

Delbaria was inspired in her fury against the injustice and tragedy of this loss, both to her and to the dwarven nation. This assassination lit a fire in her, and she gathered allies and waged war, becoming a queen and then the High Queen, Monarch of Stoneshadow. And so began the war.


(Kristy, Chloe, Michael G., Jake. 8.15.19)