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On 3/21/20 an online group of players made Clan Rumbleseed. Here we go!

The Delve

The Stonefist overclan was continuing to explore the Eastern Jaw mountain range’s lower reaches, trying to stem the expansion of goblins from the Great Incursion into their underground spaces. An expedition found a petrified underground forest that got swampier the deeper they explored, and more full of life. They found hexagonal cell buildings, like hives, long abandoned. There was more life deeper in, they met bug creatures, some of whom had their own societies. There were fossilized beetles in green amber, and reports of rare metals and so much more. In the year 1,218 Clan Rumbleseed was commissioned to investigate further.

The Rumbleseed Gunners

Rumbleseed was founded by elite gunsmiths. The clan was named after an order of 30 masters that guard the secrets of their trade, who were ready to colonize and develop distinct from the overclan. They used the peculiar beetles and organic components of the delve to improve their gunpowder. The very best gunpowder is made from a specific kind of beetle that cannot be domesticated, but must be hunted, and this tradition is now embedded into their ritual and culture.

Rumbleseed founded Powder’s Rest, the clan home, and began their legacy of exploration.

The Ravenous

The dwarves became known by their Delve neighbors as the Ravenous, for they voraciously ate their way through the biome. They domesticated many kinds of bugs as beasts of burden, herd animals, and pets. They found grubs the size of wagons, called grubblies, capable of burrowing through earth with a combination of muscle, acid,and jaws; they use these as pack animals, and they also sometimes lash containers for them to drag as they tunnel or crawl. Rollingmeals are their name for pillbugs ranging from fist-sized to wagon-sized, who can be treated and cooked to form portable rigid-shelled balls of gooey food. They developed a process to ferment the glowing nectar sacs of a deep aphid species called burstsnappers to serve as portable gelled drink bags.

Their gustatory daring led to the rise of a culinary culture, with neighborhoods in the clanhome and tributaries centered around food colleges with unique styles that compete, their masters clashing in competitions for glory and titles. Duels and tournaments focused around cooking challenges concentrate prestige with the masters and their schools. A Stonefist machismo flavors their signature dishes, where diners must endure pain from spices, sauces, and textures with as much stoic dignity as possible to overcome challenges.

Deadfast Reach

In the initial exploration years, they found a fortress with different architecture than the rest of the sprawling built environment mixed with the caverns and tunnels. They discovered it was an empty prison, and upon breaching it, they found that the dead walked within. The prisoners were not a recognizable race or creature. Deathbrittle grew freely within the prison, and when word got out, human death cults and necromancers began making pilgrimages to the area and setting up settlements nearby. A certain type of beetle was discovered, a gem-like composition holding necromatic energy with impossible concentration, and this beetle corpse became the phylactery for undead wizard kings.

Various Garden

A new area has been discovered in the last couple years; ruins that are distinct from the building styles uncovered so far. An early explorer reported finding a “various garden” and the name stuck. The ruins overflow with unusual fungal growth, and the city beneath is ancient and apparently abandoned. The clan is gearing up to explore it further.

Starting ratings: Prestige 3, Strength 3, Wealth 3, 900 years old, 2 Dynasties, roughly 900 adults and 1,800 members total. The year is 2,121.

The clan seal is a pillbug on its back, open, with a chisel hammered into its center.