Powder’s Rest is the clanhome for Clan Rumbleseed. The fortress is close to the surface of the Delve, and at the beginning, in the grandad time (about 900 years ago), the first families in grabbed tracts of territory as fast as they could. The spread out homestead forts based in Powder’s Rest created a kind of gold rush town culture that continues to the present, with suspicious noble factions vying for influence and territory.

Grimeater Family History

The Grimeater family was a pack of sky dwarves who were familiar with the upper areas of the Delve, and they offered to assist the gunners when the Rumbleseed formed a new clan–in exchange they got a hereditary seat in the clan council, and some holdings, as well as coming under the Stonefist shield.

Dunn Family Hopyards

The Dunn family controls a massive hopyard spread, several levels below the clanhome in the Delve. Their management of the source of grain for alcohol and food gives them significant clout in the clan, and other families always keep an eye out for how to take over the choice assignment for the clan.

Macropede Chasm

To get from Powder’s Rest to Dunn Hall requires crossing a chasm that the dwarves have not bridged for security reasons. There are shattered columns of rock in the fissure, and once or twice every three days or so one of the massive 100 meter scale macropedes scrambles smoothly over the obstacles to cross the chasm; this behavior is encouraged and reinforced by specialty delvers who track the macropede movements and provide something like an irregular train schedule to travelers. Wagons and travelers must leap onto the macropede’s broad back and be carried across, disembarking at one of several identified points before the macropede slides back into tight tunnels on the route.  This workaround is necessary to avoid passing into Deadfast Reach territory.

Mire of the Forgotten

On the far side of the fissure from Powder’s Rest, but before getting to Dunn Hall, there is a passage to a cursed valley that hosts the Mire of the Forgotten. An otherworldly fog hangs over this bog, and those who breathe deeply of its vapors become forgetful as the mist erases their memories. A small settlement, Mourning Rest, services the guilty and the grieving and supports a fringe of dwellers who try to manage the amount of mist they breathe. Visitors experiment, trying to ease their minds without erasing their identities. Those who venture into the mire become dull, then eventually feral, all traces of their former lives gone. This location attracts humans, elves, dwarves, and stranger races. The obelisk by Mourning Rest is carved with an old saying; “Remember, if you see something, say nothing, and drink to forget.”