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Here is a new upgrade for enchanters who can access Caskbound clan secrets.


These runes enhance the bearer’s ability to move through an environment.

  • Needs of the Beast. Each of these runes evokes a kind of animal. When activated, these runes convert your needs to the needs of the animal for air, food, or water. Usually runes will focus on one kind of need, but masters can invest more to make broad-spectrum need substitution. These runes are most often used to imitate fish to allow water breathing or imitate desert creatures to minimize water needs. Dark uses for the depraved or desperate can evoke predators and scavengers, to eat raw meat or carrion. Some are cursed, invoking the hunger of birds who need to eat constantly to survive.
  • Grace of the Beast. Each of these runes imitates a movement ability of the animal it evokes. Generally, movement is increased or expanded, and spending a resource can grant a feat of motion. Examples include the wall-scuttling ability of spiders, the patagia gliding of cave lizards, the swimming of sharks, and the leaping of cats.
  • Friction Control. These runes allow the bearer to adjust friction on a touched surface. Some focus on making objects slippery, some focus on greatly increasing resistance to motion, and some are flexible enough to do either or do both with a sliding scale. Motion reducers are often put on locked gauntlets to protect against disarmament, or doors to make them difficult to open while the rune is engaged.

Each rune type has many, many sub types that have specific effects and durations negotiated in exchange for the creation and activation costs.