Clan Caskbound is based in the Whiskey Forge, affiliated with Crag Bloodcrag.

Their archon is Salvak Basrencru, a military man with no heirs who came up through the army prior to ruling. His heir is a general who is interested in expanding the clan’s local power, but Basrencru is more isolationist and focused on the art of brewing. In the meantime, the general makes many of the important decisions for the clan.

The clan was founded 1,200 years ago when the founders of the clan weaponized Armageddon Ale, the parent clan’s greatest mystical brew. Their brew-bombs warped and mutated the ecosystem of the battlefield forever, and they were exiled to live in the strange wasteland they had created. They lost forever access to the secrets of making Armageddon Ale as part of their punishment.

They continued doing battle, using weird flamethrower brew and carpet bombing with alcohol-based weaponry. The environment spawned plants that hunted meat with yeasty lures, and vaguely intoxicated or intoxicating creatures. Over time, the Caskbound clan domesticated much of the strange underground wilderness.

They cultivated vines that could be used for long-distance communication conduits, carrying messages through tangled root networks. They domesticated giant riding beetles for meat, armor, and mounts. Embracing their strange circumstances, they began to thrive.

A cultural renaissance took root. They built beer temples, and worked up a whole cooking culture that made the most of the unique local flavors. As they gained in reputation and wealth, their artisans and masters discovered how to weaponize beetle dung, finding a substitute for traditional gunpowder. They jealously guard the secrets of their biological explosives and the guns that use them, but they freely share other cultural innovations.

Alchemists, scholars, and enchanters developed idiosyncratic uses for unique local materials, shining out as a brilliant center of learning in the region. As their culture developed further, the military use of cannon refined and expanded too.

Three Sayings form the clan’s Word, summarizing what they have learned in their history. Greed starves the family. Motives are scaffolding, removed from the finished stone. You must not ever be the highest authority in your life.

Now that we know the clan better, we are ready for adventurers to defend it!

Clan Caskbound