That’s what I just decided a group of thanes would be called. And I’m delighted, because I now have information from each of the five thanes, in time to incorporate it into the playtest draft! This puts a smile on my face.

The clan begins “under the shield” or as a vassal of one of the major thanedoms.

Clan Bloodcrag. Mystics and detectives, they are famous for the red-haired rulers and warriors they put in service of the High King. They have a reputation for otherworldly insight and might, bolstered by llineage rich with adepts, enchanters, and chosen.

Clan Shieldsplitters. They hold defensive stances in contempt, they are extremely aggressive and proud. They favor double-bitted axes, and seek out the front lines of combat. They export mercenary companies and tend to be unruly neighbors.

Clan Stonebreaker. Still recovering from the most recent Great Incursion of goblins, these militant miners are honorable to a fault. They live a spare existence, focusing their energy on mining, fortifications, and combat. They sell almost everything they make. Their fungus beer is famous for being almost undrinkable, even for other dwarves.

Clan Stondraeg. Sheltered deep in the mountain, they are almost totally isolated from the outside world. They ponder decisions, never giving in to the press of perceived urgency. Their lives are colored by superstitions and myths; in some ways, they really are living in their own world.

Clan Thunderforge. Stern religious extremists, they worship the Gods of Ur. Most dwarves are inclined to respect, rather than worship, but the holy warriors of Thunderforge hold the race to a high standard of purity—and the penalty for failure is the wrath of the gods. Often seen as pilgrims alone or in groups, these dwarves travel more than most. If dwarves are willing to endure sermonizing, they may be able to get a small army to help out in a pinch.

Sky Dwarves. Settlements who do not accept any thane over them are known as sky dwarves, as they are “under the sky” instead of “under the shield.” They are mistrusted, considered outcasts (whether they left or were kicked out does not matter.) Sky dwarf clans cannot have a Prestige above 2.