The dwarves and elves of Lost Anvilis were restless and excited. In a week, the legendary elven performer Pricey would come and perform to a sold-out crowd, and fans were filtering in from all over.

One district warden approached some tough adventuring types to see if they could help; the Stefani shrine was on one road to Lost Anvilis, and it would look bad for the clan if crime continued along that road. Something was lairing there and attacking. Undead? Bandits? Reports from survivors conflicted. Anyway, they agreed to go and stamp out the threat so the road would be unmolested before the big concert.

  • Thrustin Magroin Timberlake. Mauler, Gunsmith (changed to Engineer), Merchant (selling guns and gems.) Name weapon is a spring-loaded stiletto he calls “Spike Lee.”
  • Rebecca Blacksmith. Skirmisher, Healer, Alchemist. Name weapon is an axe she calls “The Ballad of Friday.” She uses a crossbow with tranquilizing poison on the bolts.
  • Anvaland. (Just one name, it’s artistic.) Vanguard, Enchanter, Performer. Name weapon is a big axe called “Seventh String.” It has the string from a famous performer woven into its haft.

They traveled to the shrine (I used this map drawn by Dyson Logos) and in the entryway mounds of refuse disgorged a dozen attackers. The dwarves mowed them down with extreme prejudice, and discovered they were goblins who burrow and wear bone, hide, and meat trophies from their kills. No wonder people mistook them for undead.

Moving in they found a weedy underage troll, who was surprised to see them (even after the ruckus outside; the goblins fight all the time.) They did mighty battle, passing around the torch that Anvaland had the forethought to bring. They brought the troll down after it grievously injured Thrustin. They seared it enough times it could no longer regenerate.

By that point, there were LOTS of goblin spectators. Anvaland intimidated them, so they were in a bit of a stalemate. A champion came forward, named Rhysel, and said if one of them would fight him in single combat then the goblins would leave. Otherwise, the dwarves would go in the stewpot.

Anvaland took on the rabid goblin champion and cut him down, not taking so much as a scratch himself. The cowed goblins, led by their shaman, left the shrine. But the shaman warned them there were other things here besides goblins, and they would not go.

After the goblins left, the dwarves rested. Rebecca tended Thrustin’s wounds. They kept searing parts of the troll corpse to try and keep it from rising ever again. Anvaland looked around and found the main shrine, and in another direction, a room filled with dead brush and boobytraps. They barred the door that went deeper into the shrine, and the next day returned home and reported on what they found. The shrine was cleared enough not to bother the upcoming concert and travel for it. They each got 2 Ledger.

The clan and character generation took 63 minutes. The rest of the game took about 90. I got a lot of great streamlining and clarification ideas, too.