The playtesting process has only just begun, but I’m already learning lots of great stuff to streamline the game. Here is a selection.

The introduction page will list recommended ages and recommended play time, like a board game does.

I will add an “Optional Rules” page for people interested in campaign play instead of a casual one-off. The main purpose is to codify some common-sense interpretations at the table so others can benefit from my judgment calls, without muddying up the main rules. Examples:

Active rolls are when the character tries to do something, passive roles are when the character may notice something offhand or when something else acts on the character unexpectedly. Resolve can be spent when stubbornness matters, but not for passive rolls. If the character is looking for an ambush, the player can spend Resolve. If the character might notice an ambush, the player cannot spend Resolve.

An object can be passed to another adjacent character as a free action once a round. To move the same object to another character in the same round will cost an action.

Shoddy weapons are a step down on the damage die (already noted.) Add that attacks are a risk test and the weapon can break if the attack rolls poorly, dropping it 2 die steps instead of the -1 die step for being shoddy.

I need the clan and character generation process to be faster without adding pressure to players. How can I help groups move faster through the beginning of the session?

I am going to make generating the archon a mini-game for a subsequent session. We don’t need to know for the first session, and it is one of the more time-consuming parts.

I am going to cut the 3 sayings out of the clan generation. It takes too much time for too little reward.

I am going to make cards with the sayings so players can draw one instead of rolling one, then they have something to copy from while others continue generating characters.

The value of having character sheets with combat roles already on them is reinforced by watching players copy the information over during character generation. At least with the new role cards they can have the information at hand without slowing everyone else down or requiring GM attention.

The current mode of 4 good clan features and 2 bad is producing really buff clans–TOO buff. So, I think I’m going to say that 3 of the starting feature cards are good and 3 are bad. If you take 4 bad traits, everyone starts with 5 Ledger! If you take 5 bad traits (a maximum) start with 10 Ledger and a clan that seriously needs help.

I am also thinking about shifting the default from 3 down to 2, so clans start overall weaker.

There’s more fine-tuning than this, and more to come.