The Templar of the Falls operate out of the clanhome Beardfall, under the shield of Clan Thunderforge. They have a decent reputation and enough wealth to get by comfortably, but their strength is worryingly low. They have 900 years of history, but their numbers are not a multitude; only 600 able-bodied dwarves work to maintain the clanhome.

The clan got its start as a pilgrimage site for one of the Gods of Ur, the Lord of Waterfalls. It was a beautiful connected series of caverns laced with many waterfalls, where according to legend the Lord of Waterfalls battled a powerful Ur Dragon and broke the inside of the mountain. The dwarves came to believe “beauty builds a home.”

The pilgrim site was governed by a council that selected new leaders periodically, leading to less stability than the usual dynastic method. This led to a  schism between two groups. One wanted to focus on the clan’s potential strength and wealth and craftsmanship, the other wanted to focus on the clan’s responsibility to maintain the pilgrimage site for others.  As they say, “more voices create chaos.”

The situation escalated. Worshipers of the Gods of Ur passed an edict that those who were not faithful enough would have their beards shorn. After a number of just or unjust shearings, the secularists retaliated by defacing some of the pilgrim shrines. This escalated to an internal war, and the Urites ejected the secularists, and furthermore, cursed them so their beards will no longer grow. This is a shame they passed on to their children, as the Beardless withdrew from the clan in horror. A hard-learned lesson, the dwarves now intone it is best to “put beards before creeds.” Still, the Beardless Ones turned their back on traditional dwarven ways. Maybe they are turning into goblins. Therefore it is said, “do not trust the beardless ones.”

Enjoying their new-found stability, the Templar of the Falls welcomed a steady stream of pilgrims to the holy site. Many of the pilgrims were engineers that settled long enough to help with building a complex and intricate series of water-works and locks and resevoirs, so the dwarves came to control the beautiful falls that were once flowing at the whim of nature. The clanhome also came to enjoy hydro-power, providing energy for many of their projects and easing daily life. “Draw from a deeper well” to find success.

This time of innovation climaxed with the construction of the Clanheart, a multi-story steam engine connected to the clanworks. This power heats the forges, mechanizes the battlements and defenses, and also heats dwarven homes as needed. It is a marvel unlike any other in the world. “Strength and unity in purpose!” They could not have built it without working together and sharing the benefits.

To this very day, the pilgrim site has significant traffic streaming through as those who serve or respect the Gods of Ur come to see the famous ancient battle site. Still, there are many dangers waiting in the shadows, and the clan needs heroes to prosper.