The cast:

  • Slyn Keenblade. Skirmisher, Gunsmith, Delver. Name weapon: trench knife.
  • Landon Crackstone. Berzerker, Chosen, Brewer. Name weapon: maul.
  • Blane Keenblade. Support, Adept, Mechanician. Name weapon: pistol.
  • Garl. Vanguard, healer, chef. Name weapon, tower shield. (He only says “Garl.”)
  • Ravelle Keenblade. Mauler, athlete, armorer. Name weapon, kukri.

After wintering with Clan Dimhollow, some friendly neighbors who needed the extra muscle, the dwarves were returning to Beardfalls. They did not get far into the Rosy Valley before they ran across Burn Wintersbane, of the Holy Order of Roadminders.

Wintersbane and his people were prepared to clear the snow from an avalanche off the road, but their work was prevented by a new danger. The avalanche had cleared off a former watch tower station, and gargoyles were flying out from the tower to harass his people, making their job impossible. The Fellowship quickly agreed to help out.

They climbed the icy rock towards the newly uncovered tower, with Wintersbane’s warriors covering them with crossbows and guns.

A short, sharp battle erupted. The gargoyles dove at them on the uncertain footing of the hillside, where their teamwork was hampered and the risk of falling loomed. Still, the dwarves knocked the gargoyle attacks aside and responded with blades or bolts and blasts, driving the surviving gargoyles back.

The intrepid dwarves continued to climb. Breaching the tower itself, they found a combination of magical and mechanical traps, but fortunately the traps were somewhat the worse for wear after the centuries of laying dormant and unattended. Following the adept’s keen sense for magical energy, they reached a room full of bones, with a dark orb on a stand in a shaft of sunlight. A skeletal golem formed, clattering after dwarven blood, and the fight was on.

While most of the group battled the golem and its stirring bony reinforcements, the adept and gunner focused on the orb. It was difficult to break, releasing magical charges when hit. The adept covered it in a cloak, cutting off its sunlight, which slowed the reanimating creatures (including the gargoyles, who were closing on the fight fast.) Then the adept peered into the orb, saw the glyphs powering it, and unmade them. The orb dissolved, and the animating force was lost. Victory!

Wintersbane was impressed and promised to put in a good word for them. They traveled home and told the story to the archon during a feast, pleased to be home.