These wars have helped shape the Rumbleseed Clan’s relationship with the local Sithics, an insectile race.

(Current Year 2,121)

  • 1,218. (900 years ago) Rumbleseed Founded. A clan was commissioned to investigate the petrified underground forest and its hexagonal cell buildings, and the insectile culture therein. The clan was called Rumbleseed, the underground area was called the Delve, and the insectile culture was called “crickets” informally and “Sithics” formally. In turn, the crickets called the dwarves “Ravenous” because they ate everything.
  • 1,412. (700 years ago) Song War. Dwarven predation peaked and the Songwar broke out with the Sithics, with the general understanding that the winners would devour the losers. Conflict centered in the Nightsong Cyst, a major Sithic city that was destroyed by the fighting. After a decade of conflict, both sides entered the Phageous Accord. Dwarves would not eat Sithics under any circumstances, and Sithics could eat any dwarves that died outside dwarven territory.
  • 1,655. (450 years ago) War of Fences. Beyond frustrated with dwarven expansion, the Sithics struck back and leveled the Cairn Redoubt, wiping out most of the Carrydell family and triggering a fifty six year conflict over expansion rights where the Sithics experimented with above-ground colonization in response to ongoing dwarven aggression into their territory, encircling the dwarves. This time other clans were mobilized, and other underground races joined the Sithics, and the conflict tore through the Alabaster Corridor right to Powder’s Rest. The war only ended when the Sithics reached out to dread forces deep below, threatening to unleash ancient restrained forces that might wipe out all the dwarves of Stoneshadow and survive any races who survived. In the Permissive Pact, the dwarves agreed to only open territories with the approval and involvement of the Sithic neighbors, and in exchange, the Sithics surrendered all surface colonies.
  • 1,994. (about 100 years ago) Dream War. A horrific race of spindly tentacle-faced conquerors from below encountered dwarves who explored too deep. Enthusiastic about the flavor of their thoughts and dreams, the Burrowers sent psychic intrusion into dwarven dreams combined with espionage action to isolate the dwarves from allies and weaken them for the strike of slave armies of deep dwellers. As masses of dwarves were captured, the Sithics allied with the dwarves to battle the Burrowers, and in a five year conflict they drove the Burrowers back and spent the next fifty years reinforcing their mental and physical defenses to keep the Burrowers from assaulting the clan again.