This frontier town is at the edge of Rumbleseed territory in the Deeps, at the end of the Delve. The town is shared between Rumbleseed dwarves and a local tribe of Sithics, bug-like natives with hive lifestyles and a complicated history of conflict and cooperation with the dwarves.

Roachseat is in a massive cavern, a cluster of buildings suspended by cabling (both organic and built) with many wires and walkways connecting them. Below the hanging city is a range with many stone dish shapes built into the floor where deep moss grows, cultivated to produce a fresh crop every three months.

This efficient production uses up the city’s waste, and allows much bigger herds of housebeetles (the size of a two story building when full grown) to be maintained. The beetles get a rune carved in their shell when young, and it striates as they grow until they are big enough for the community to come together and have a hollowing party, slaughtering the housebeetle and packing the meat to last the community for a long time. They also export the moss to other communities that need roughage for their insectile livestock.

The local dwarves are led by the Grimeater family, and Roachseat Grimeaters tend to adopt aesthetics and materials to echo the stylish exoskeletons and tactics of their Sithic allies.

There is significant trade with neighboring fungaloid communities. The nearby cavern known as the Golden Vent has forest-scale fungus that is metabolizing something long dead that gives off cosmic energy. The spores from the biggest fungus are therefore dangerous to breathe (and the size of snowflakes) as they put the breather into the dying mind of something beyond their comprehension. There are many predators that frequent the area. Beyond the Golden Vent is the Elefrangy Stretch (a fungaloid community) and beyond that, an entry to the Various Gardens.