Played 4.10.21 IRL. Humans!

Adill Nadhi. Knight sailor, captain of a small ship.

Cedvik Nightingale. Wizard criminal. Sight magic.

Elden. Wizard scholar. Travel magic.

Evict the Lord of Gums from Spike Isle

Magistrate Jaron, ruler of Tecnica Isle, hired these scoundrels to go to Spike Isle and wipe out the Lord of Gums and his necromatic cult before they established a foothold. Fr. Inmon went along to confirm the Lord of Gums was actually killed; the adventurers left him with the first mate of the boat and the crew, to assure they had an exit even if things went terribly wrong inside.

An interrogated prisoner explained that there were two entrances to the underground lair; one that suckbats used to come and go, and one the cultists used (and guarded.)


The adventurers chose to enter through the suckbat vent, with Adhill leading the way after Cedvik enchanted his allies so they could all see in the dark. He spotted a resting suckbat, and took a swipe at it with his hammer–the whole swarm rose up and attacked. Elden blinked out to safety as the others managed a “fighting withdrawal” with Cecvik popping a startling flash as they retreated. They crushed most of the suckbats, and the rest withdrew.

After resting for about an hour, they made another attempt, this time pushing past the few remaining suckbats and entering the lair, following the winding unfinished stone corridors.

Home Defense

While the others lagged behind, Cedvik scouted ahead, using his magic to see in the darkness while the others relied on torchlight. As Cedvic crossed a chamber, a droprock almost impaled him. His screams of terror attracted slavering servitors, undead with massive claws and lamp-like eyes. Two of them raced out of the darkness. As Adill and Elden battled one, Cedvik hurled the droprock at the other and ran for his life.

The servitors were driven back, and the adventurers followed Cedvik, catching up. They saw lights and heard chanting, so they followed the corridor. Cedvik scouted again, but he got too close, and the robed cultists spotted him. They attacked.

Again Cedvik flashed the incoming cultists, disorienting them so the adventurers quickly won. As they knocked the last cultist down, they realized there was only a door between them and the Lord of Gums (and his slavering servitors.)

The Lord of Gums

The necromancer was tending a ritual braizer full of deathbrittle and other components, seeding the chamber to make a geode of death in this lair. He would be able to reanimate and empower a much larger force, should he succeed.

One of the slavering servitors that had been following them attacked, and some of the adventurers fought it off while Adill struggled with the servitor guarding the necromancer. Elden tried to magically hurl the brazier into the necromancer, but dark forces countered and rebuffed him. One of the cultists spasmed and became a slavering servitor on the spot, and a rush of power flowed through the necromancer and struck down Adill; reeling, the warrior tried to fight on, but the pain of his wounds overcame him.


As the Lord of Gums channeled more dark power into his servitors to increase their unholy armor, the two wizards snatched up their fallen warrior and managed to stagger out of the lair, collapsing once to catch their breath before finishing the mad rush to the ship. Once they had some water between the haunted shore and the ship, they took stock of the situation. With Adill badly hurt, it seemed best to retreat and reconsider their tactics.

Experience: 3 each.