I am going to change how I handle Wounds.

So when a character takes 6 Vitality at once, the character also gains a Wound. A Wound lowers your maximum Vitality by 3 (so when you rest and heal up you don’t get as much Vitality back) and each one makes you -1 on d12 rolls. Plus when you run out of Vitality and pass out there is a greater chance you’ll be incapacitated.

As I’ve been playing it, I have found it difficult to remember the -1 on d12 per Wound. This game won’t do well with regularly used stuff that’s hard to remember, and there is nowhere else in the system that applies modifiers on the roll like that. So it’s out!

Part of the reason I’m cutting that out is because I got a better idea that plays to the strength of the system.

If you have one or more Wounds, then every time you roll d12 then it is an untrained risk test. If you fail the risk test you lose 1 Vitality per current Wound. If the roll is also a risk test, then whatever other bad thing happens in addition. If you were rolling a risk test and you were skilled, and pass that risk test, but would fail if it was untrained, then you lose the Vitality even if you avoid the other danger.

A field dressing reduces the risk to secondary skill level, but if failed it is undone. A really great dressing can reduce the risk to primary skill level, if it is failed it reduces to secondary, then to untrained.

This works for a few reasons. No changes to the roll. I love the IDEA of bleeding rules, but they’re always too complicated–but here dwarves may take bleeding damage if they exert themselves while wounded. So, if you are wounded and decide to keep fighting, you risk taking damage from your severe injury bleeding or spiking pain through your system.